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Gracitude is the lovechild of grace + gratitude.

or grace + attitude.

Sometimes we get a little bit hangry & little bit slangry (sleeeepy + angry), so the change is necessary.

“Gracitude” ebbs & flows exactly how you need it to.

gracitude or g-tude.

BUT, the overall concept remains the same:

finding the positivity and learning experiences in situations, even if they suck.

Gracitude represents those who boogie in the kitchen, thrive off grocery store samples, and live with open arms to opportunities & growth.

It’s for those who believe in themselves as much as the goodness of humanity.

Gracitude will openly talk about nutrition, fitness, & self-care. & things.

Rachel Rodgers Photography

Haaay party people! This above is a VERY peaceful representation of me:

Grace Wang.

I am the gal behind all things Gracitude.

I graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with a B.S. in Community Health and now continuing my education in Holistic Nutrition.

It is my core belief that lifestyle and caring for our powerhouse bodies is the way to living a long and fulfilled life. It is taking care of our mind, body, and soul.

It is prevention over treatment.

– – –

Before I got into this “balance” & “healthy” mentality I was LIVING! I mean…I was a sugar and carb fiend living with gut inflammation, constant bloating, skin irritation…blah dee blah blah.

The crazy thing is: all these issues became the norm for me, so I just accepted them.

I mean, I still freaking love sugar. I have THE BIGGEST sweet tooth, but have toned down my intake by 99%.

– – –

I love keeping up with what’s trending & what’s not (because FOMO). That might make me somewhat basic, but whatevs, not a big deal.

I hope to share and connect with you through past and current experiences AND to also learn and grow with you through future thing-a-lings.

– grace

PS – once upon a time I had a cute lil’ blog that mini grace made. if you’re curious: Perpetual Nomming