I’m back again

So it has been a long time since posting in this blog. I needed to come to terms with the reality that – even though I have maintained my sobriety and have no desire to drink – I need to deal with this long standing issue of self hatred. I need to transcend these self… Read More »

Humility in Awareness

Today, if I can express myself this day as part of a much greater whole, THE much greater whole, then I can rest in simple awareness. I declare myself in union with the sky, the ocean, the trees, birds, other wildlife. The ego then fades as thoughts float away and the breath comes to the… Read More »

The Real Deal

Well, here we are in beautiful Costa Rica on the Caribbean coast. This blog has been awfully quiet for a while. This is because there are many sensory distractions here, but also because yours truly, the author of this blog is still struggling with inner demons with voices that have no business having any say… Read More »

A new way of life

My partner and I have been meditating for two hours a day (except for two days, I believe) since I returned from a Vipassana retreat I wrote about in my last post. Since we began I have noticed a few things. Our minds have more clarity, less confusion, and the quality of verbal expression of… Read More »

Back from a spiritual retreat

Hello, Once upon a time there was a blogger who wrote spiritually oriented poetry and posts related to recovery. This blogger, however, did not always live his message and was plagued with inner demons and insecurities. He decided a change in quality of direction was overdue and decided, with his life partner’s blessing, to embark… Read More »